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Digital printing

Looking for an easy and cheap way to print books in small runs? Then digital printing is the solution. With our modern techniques, you can print exactly the number of books you need, without high start-up costs. Choose fast and affordable digital printing at Tipoprint!

What is digital printing?

Digital printing is a modern printing technique that is especially suitable for small print runs, think less than 300 pieces. With this technique, your file goes directly to the printing press, without the need for printing plates. This is different from offset printing, where we do use pressure plates. This makes the start-up costs for digital printing much lower.

Previously, the quality of digital printing was noticeably inferior to offset printing. Today, however, thanks to the introduction of advanced technologies in modern digital printing machines, there is no difference in quality between the two printing methods.

Waarom je boek laten drukken bij Tipoprint?

Are you planning to have your book printed? Then choose Tipoprint! Here are a few reasons why digital printing with us is the best choice:

Experience that counts

We print more than 3,500 books every year. Our extensive experience and expertise guarantee that your book is in good hands.

Affordable quality:

Thanks to our in-house production processes, such as book printing and binding, we keep costs low. We buy our materials in bulk, leading to significant discounts. Whether you choose digital or offset, book printing is surprisingly affordable with us.

Personalised finishing

Want a book with a linen spine, elegant gold foil or eye-catching spot UV effects? Whatever your requirements, at Tipoprint we make it possible. We make sure your book not only looks great, but also feels like a real work of art.

Major publishers

Many major publishers choose Tipoprint. Explore our portfolio and get inspired.

What is the difference between offset and digital printing?

Considering having your own books printed? Then you will undoubtedly come across the terms ‘digital printing’ and ‘offset printing’. We are happy to explain what these terms mean.

Offset printing is a traditional printing technique in which ink is transferred from a printing plate to the paper via a rubber blanket. The start-up costs are on the high side, but the more books you have printed, the lower the price per book becomes. This technique is therefore especially suitable for large runs of 300 pieces or more.

On the other hand, we havedigital printing, a more modern technique in which a digital file is sent directly to the printer. This is similar to how an office printer works, but much larger and more powerful. The great advantage of this technique is that it does not require traditional printing plates. That makes it a lot more affordable if you need small runs.

Yet there is also a downside to digital printing: the price per book does not drop quickly if you have more copies printed. Whether you order 50 or 1,000 books, the unit price remains roughly the same. Do you need a lot of books? Then offset printingmay be a cheaper choice.

When is digital printing the best choice for your book?

Wil je een boek laten drukken en onzeker over de juiste printtechniek? Here are a few simple guidelines to help you decide whether digital printing is the best choice:

Smaller print runs

If you do not plan to print thousands of copies, digital printing is often the cheapest option. The low start-up costs make it very suitable for smaller runs.


Want your book in your hands quickly? No problem! We don’t need to make printing plates, so the printing process can start as soon as the digital design is ready. Digital printing is therefore much faster than traditional printing.

High quality

The quality of digital printing today is almost equal to that of offset printing. Your books will look great, with bright colours and sharp details


Want to give each book a personal touch? Digital printing makes it easy to personalise each copy. Perfect for special editions or marketing campaigns.

Less storage required

  • Digital book printing requires less storage space because you can print books in small runs, which avoids waste and excess stock.

Choose your paper type

You can print on all types of paper with us.

Curious about the exact cost of printing your book? Get a quote today! We list different print runs with each quotation, so you can see exactly how the total number of books affects the unit price. So you always make the best choice for your project

Cheap short-run book printing

Dreaming of having your own book printed, but dreading the high cost and storage? Then digital printing is a great choice. With digital printing, no expensive start-up costs are required, which makes a big difference in costs. So you can print books very affordably – from 75 copies up to around 300.

Want to change text, try a different cover photo or add a special message? No problem! We can make your changes quickly and easily, at no extra cost. This makes digital printing perfect for unique, personalised books or to quickly capitalise on market opportunities.

Take contact with us and find out how easily and inexpensively we can print your book, even in small print runs. Whether you choose digital printing or still prefer offset, with us your book is in good hands.

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