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A journal can have several functions. Whether you need a bullet journal, travel journal or business journal printed, Tipoprint is here for you. The type of journal determines virtually all of the specifications required for production. Consider what your journal should look like. Do you want the cover to be the same as the inside cover? Do you prefer a thicker paper quality for a professional look or do you prefer a lighter paper weight to save costs?

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Different possibilities

Hardcover Journal

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Softcover Journal

Ring binder Journal

Additional options

Lay-flat binding

Lay-flat binding can be useful for children’s books, as it allows the book to stay open easily, making reading and viewing illustrations easier.

Non-toxic inks

Use non-toxic inks that are safe for children.

Points to consider when getting a journal printed

The use of graphics and photos in the journal determines the choice of paper weight. Do you opt for full-color printing? Then we recommend you choose paper of at least 100 grams to prevent show-through. If you choose only black or pms ink, a paper weight of 100 grams is sufficient. At Tipoprint, we use sturdy FSC-certified paper for professional and durable quality. In addition, our specialists provide personalized workmanship and prompt delivery.

Different options for printing a journal

An attractively designed cover of your journal is important. At Tipoprint, we offer three cover options:

A sturdy cover offers maximum protection and a luxurious look. Ideal for journals that are heavily used.
A flexible and lightweight option that is still durable and has a professional look.
The ring binder provides easy cover and longevity. Perfect for journals that are opened often.

Additional options when printing a journal

At Tipoprint, our additional options allow you to make your journal truly distinctive. Choose pms ink for a specific look or update your journal with a reading ribbon for added convenience. These details ensure that a journal perfectly suits the needs of your target audience.

Design of a journal

When designing your journal, you can choose from a variety of colors and illustrations. Whether you opt for a clean, businesslike look or a colorful and creative design, we will help you bring your ideas to life.

Production and cost of a journal

We understand that cost is an important consideration when choosing a printing company. Through our efficient production processes and in-house manufacturing location, we can offer competitive prices while delivering high-quality printing.

Why print your journal at Tipoprint?

At Tipoprint, you benefit from several advantages. Because we have our own factory, we can provide customization. An added advantage is that this allows us to be flexible and meet your specific needs and deadlines. Moreover, our method is very simple. After uploading your journal file in PDF format, our specialists ensure that each page is carefully printed. In the ordering process, specify whether you want the document double-checked. In this way, you are guaranteed a perfect end result.

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