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When printing a magazine, the choice of paper is important. The paper should not only be sturdy enough to withstand frequent use, but also have a pleasant feel and reproduce colours well. In addition, the format of the magazine is important; it should be manageable for your readers and fit well with the purpose of your publication. Many magazines are printed coated on glossy or matt paper. Nowadays, it can also be uncoated. Uncoated is popular for its more natural look.


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Different possibilities

Hardcover Magazines

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Softcover Magazines

Ring binder Magazines

Additional options

Lay-flat binding

Lay-flat binding can be useful for children’s books, as it allows the book to stay open easily, making reading and viewing illustrations easier.

Non-toxic inks

Use non-toxic inks that are safe for children.

Considerations for magazine printing

Three reasons to print your magazine at Tipoprint
Your magazine is printed and bound in our own factory, which gives us full control over the printing process and quality.
We make sure your magazine will be exactly as you envisage it, with customisation as our standard.
You can choose from various cover finishes such as matt, gloss, soft touch and more, so your magazine will always have a professional look.

Different options for magazine printing

There are several options when printing magazines:

Glued-bound magazine

A glued magazine, also known as a “glued bound” magazine, is produced by gluing the pages together instead of stapling them. This results in a sleek and professional look. Glued magazines usually have a heavier quality paper for the cover and can be coated with glass/matt press varnish or glass/matt laminate.

Sewn bound magazine

A sewn bound magazine is produced by sewing the pages and then joining them with glue in the spine. This type of binding provides a durable and high-quality finish, making it suitable for luxury magazines. The sturdy binding allows a sewn-bound magazine to last for years. This makes it a popular choice for publications that need to remain beautiful for a long time.

Enjoy magazine

A stapled magazine, also known as “stapled brocaded” or “staple bound”, is produced by holding the pages together with staples in the spine. This type of binding is suitable for magazines with a flexible cover and with few pages. A stapled magazine is often used for periodicals and magazines with large print runs.

Design magazine

The design of a magazine is essential to get your message across and captivate readers. Here are some tips for attractive design:

  • Striking colours: Use eye-catching images and text to catch the reader’s attention.
  • Clear layout: Provide a clear layout with high resolution for all images. This makes reading enjoyable and ensures that your content comes across well.
  • Popular formats:Consider non-standard formats to stand out.
Production and cost magazine

Producing a magazine starts with putting together interesting content and visually appealing layouts. You can then choose a print run with us that suits your needs and budget. The larger the print run, the lower the price per copy due to economies of scale.


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