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Offset printing

Need to print large quantities of books? Then offset printing is the perfect choice. This traditional printing technique is ideal for large print runs, as the cost per copy drops significantly as the print run increases. Choose the high quality of book offset printing at Tipoprint!

The significance of offset printing

Offset printing is a traditional printing technique, in which ink is transferred from a printing plate to the paper via a rubber cloth. This indirect method is ideal for printing 300 books or more.

Preparing the machine takes some time, but once up and running, the printing process is fast and efficient. Although the start-up costs are quite high, the cost per book gets significantly lower as you get more copies printed. Offset printing is thus especially advantageous for larger print runs.

Why have your book printed at Tipoprint?

Are you planning to have your book printed? Then choose Tipoprint! Here are a few reasons why digital printing with us is the best choice:

Experience that counts

We print more than 3,500 titles every year. Thanks to our years of experience and in-depth knowledge, your book is in good hands with us.

Affordable quality:

Our in-house printing and bindery help keep costs down. We buy our materials in bulk, leading to significant discounts. Whether you choose digital or offset, book printing is always inexpensive with us.

Personalised finishing

Dreaming of a book with a linen spine, elegant gold foil or eye-catching spot UV effects? Whatever your requirements, at Tipoprint we make it happen. We make sure your book not only looks beautiful, but also feels like a real work of art.

Major publishers

Many major publishers choose Tipoprint. Explore our portfolio and get inspired.

What is the difference between offset and digital printing?

When choosing a printing technique, you are likely to come across the terms ‘digital printing’ and ‘offset printing’. We are happy to explain the differences so you can make a good choice between these techniques.

Offset printing is the traditional method of book printing. In this process, the ink is transferred to the paper via a rubber blanket. The great thing is that the more books you print, the lower the cost per copy becomes. With a print run of 300 or more, you will see the price per book drop significantly – ideal for large runs.

Digital printing is a more modern technique, using advanced printers that print directly from a digital file. Similar to how your printer works at home, but much more powerful. A big advantage is that you do not need printing plates, which saves costs for smaller runs. For large runs digital printingfinancially less interesting, as the cost per book remains cash, whether you have 50 or 1,000 copies printed.

When is offset printing the best choice for your book?

Would you like to have a book printed and unsure about the right printing technique? Here are a few simple guidelines to help you decide whether offset printing is the best choice:

PMS inks

Please note that PMS inks can only be printed in offset.

Large editions

Offset printing is ideal if you want to print more than 300 books. This is because the cost per book goes down faster than digital printing.

Top-quality colours

Do you have a lot of photos or illustrations? With offset printing, every colour comes into its own, razor-sharp and bright. You can also opt for PMS colours, special colours that ensure each colour is consistent.

Successful for years

Offset printing has been around for decades, making it a common and proven printing technique.


  • Want to have books on hand and ready to ship quickly? And do you have a storage option? Then offset printing is ideal.

Does this sound like the perfect solution for your book project? Get a quote today and discover how offset printing can transform your book. We are ready to help you get every detail just right. Take that first step towards a beautifully printed book.

Cheap book printing in large quantities

Want to print a lot of books without spending a fortune? Then offset printing is a great choice. With offset printing, although the start-up costs are higher because of the printing plates, the cost per book goes down considerably with large print runs. So this investment will pay for itself once circulation increases.

Contact us today with us to find out more about offset printing. We will be happy to help you make the right choice to get your books printed inexpensively.

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