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Publishing in-house

Many books are published by a publisher, but why not do it yourself with Tipoprint? Publishing your book in-house means having everything in your own hands: from writing to sales. For example, you decide what your book will look like and retain all rights.

Publishing your book in-house may sound like a hefty undertaking, but with our guidance, you can be proudly marketing your book in no time. We make sure the process runs smoothly and you can really enjoy it.

Step-by-step plan for publication

There are a number of important steps when publishing a book independently. We are happy to take you through this step by step.

Writing a book
Naturally, you start by writing your book. This is the most creative and time-consuming step. Make a clear plan or outline to work out your ideas and story structure. At least write a piece every day, even if it is only a hundred words. Writing regularly helps you keep going!
Text correction/editing
After writing, it is time to correct and edit your book. This ensures that your story is flawless and clear. Correction work looks at spelling and grammar errors, while editing also looks at whether the story is logically constructed. A professional editor can help with this, but proofreaders such as friends can also provide valuable feedback. A fresh pair of eyes helps spot errors and ambiguities.
“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Well, readers do anyway. It is therefore important to give your book a professional layout both on the outside and inside. For instance, the cover and flap text should be appealing, but the text in the interior should also be neatly formatted. A graphic designer and press officer can come in handy here. And do you also want to sell your book in (online) bookshops? Then apply for an ISBN. In fact, this unique number should appear on the title page and back cover of your book. This makes your book easy to find and sell.
Book printing
Then now is the time to get your book printed. An exciting step, because it won't be long until you finally have your own book in your hands. With us, you can have your book printed completely according to your wishes. The cover, format, paper type, finish and number of copies: it's all up to you! And if you can't quite figure it out yourself, we can of course advise on this.
Writing a book
Congratulations! Your book is now officially published. The next step is promotion and sales. A good marketing strategy is important to get your book noticed. This can be done through social media, book launches and collaborations with bloggers and reviewers. Of course, you should also make sure your book is available in as many (online) bookstores as possible.

What can we do?

We understand how exciting and challenging it is to self-publish a book. We are therefore happy to help you! As your trusted partner, we are ready to support you every step of the way on the way to your own book.

After all, we do more than just printing. For example, we help you design your book, offer editorial assistance and advise on the best materials and formats for your book. We can also help you apply for an ISBN and make sure your book is available in many places.

We have already helped more than 300 authors make their dreams come true. Together, we will also make your book a success!

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FAQ self-publishing book

The cost of self-publishing a book depends on several things, such as the size of your book, the type of paper chosen, the format and the number of copies you want printed.

Want to know the exact amount? We offer transparent pricing and a tailor-made quote so you know exactly where you stand. Feel free to contact us for a detailed quotation.

We offer the possibility of printing your book from as few as 75 copies. It is useful to start with small print runs, so that you can first see how your book sells and do not have to pay high storage costs. If there is more demand, you can always have more books printed.

Publishing a book in-house has many advantages. You keep all rights and decide what your book looks like and what it contains. You also earn a lot more per book sold than with a traditional publisher. You also choose how many books you want printed and can quickly make adjustments or have extra books made if needed.