1: Writing

You’ve probably been toying with the idea for a while and now the time has come. You have decided that you are going to write a book. Exciting! Of course you can do that alone, but there are also various ways to be assisted.

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2: Editing/text correction

Your book has been written, good news! You may feel very confident in your own work and consider your book ready to go into production. However, it is advisable to at least have your book checked for language errors and/or have an editor look at it.


3: Design

The writing is done and your book is edited. Most of the work is done! Now it’s time to get everything ready for printing and to design the files of your inside and cover.


4: Production

This is the phase where the digital files are actually made into something tangible. There are many choices to be made about, for example, the production technique, types of paper and the binding method. Of course we are happy to assist you.


5: Distribution, sales & marketing

Of course you think your book is fantastic, now all your potential buyers need to know about the existence of your book. In doing so, you go through a number of steps.