Step 3: Determine and elaborate what your book will look like

Of course you can design the inside and cover yourself, but a professional designer or compositor can take a lot of work off your hands. In addition, he has design programs with which he can give your work a professional appearance. This applies to publications with only text and to books with photos or other illustrations. In a design program, parts can be placed to the nearest millimeter and many colors and fonts are available. The designer will listen to your wishes and will create one or more versions, adapt them if desired and, in consultation with you, he will shape the final book.
If you would like to have the inside and/or cover prepared for printing by a designer or compositor, please contact us and we will look at the options together with you.

Preparing for Step 5: Distribution, Sales & Marketing

If you want to sell your publication in bookstores, online bookstores and other stores, it is important at this stage that you request an ISBN. The ISBN is a unique number associated with your book. You can find the ISBN near the barcode and on one of the first pages of your book Without an ISBN, your book cannot be sold in (online) bookstores and many other stores.
And have you already thought about the selling price for which you want to market the book? Do you want to do promotions with the book or not? And do you only want to sell it in the (online) bookstore or also through other stores or web shops? These topics are discussed in more detail in step 5, but it is good to think about this now, because things may already be started.