5: Selling your book​

First of all, you decide where you want to sell your book. Do you want your book to be among the stacks in bookstores and available through major online bookstores? And do you also want to sell the book through other shops, such as supermarkets and newsstands? Then it is important that your book has an ISBN. Not only so that it can be ordered through the Centraal Boekhuis, but also so that people can find your book through the ISBN via Google.

ou also determine what the price will be for your book. Keep in mind that the Fixed Book Price Act applies in the Netherlands, which stipulates that your book must be sold for the same price everywhere. Whether in bookstores or on your own website, the price should be the same. You must therefore also register the book with the Media Authority.

You can promote your book in several ways. What’s best varies by book and what you want to invest in it. You can start by publishing a press release and sending it to all kinds of key contacts and other parties. A nice website with more information can support this. Advertising in newspapers, magazines, on television or on the radio is also an option. Whether that is the local door-to-door newspaper or a national newspaper is your choice. The most important thing is that you reach your target audience. Good research into where your target group is located and involved is therefore extremely important.
Social media is also a great way to generate exposure for your book. You can of course approach your own contacts, but of course you also want to sell your book, so you have to look for other potential buyers.
Marketing is a profession in its own right. If you want to do it right and make a success of your book, it is wise to call in professionals for this. They will discuss with you what you want, what your budget is and then put together a plan of action. If you would like to know more about this, please contact us.

Your book must of course reach the various sales parties and marketing channels. You can take care of the distribution yourself, but we can also help you with that by using our distribution network.

This step-by-step plan has given you an introduction to the options for self-publishing your book. If you have any questions, would like advice or request a quote, please contact us.