Step 1: Get started writing your own book

Perhaps you have already thought of exactly what your book will be like. You already have the whole story in your head and start writing. Or you first make a rough draft and work it out in parts. However you do it, it doesn’t matter. Everyone writes in their own way.

It can be nice if someone reads along with you during the writing process. In the case of non-fiction, this person can assess whether the information in your manuscript comes across clearly. He reads the text from a different perspective than you and may notice things that need further explanation. Or in the case of fiction or narrative non-fiction, he checks, among other things, whether the characters are well presented, whether it is clear who is speaking and whether there are parts that can be adapted, omitted or described in more detail.

Of course, you remain the one who determines how your book will ultimately turn out. You decide whether or not to implement the suggestions that are made.