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A book cover makes the first, indelible impression. An eye-catching cover increases the chances of your book being chosen from the pile. It tells its own story, evokes emotions and attracts the attention of every passer-by in the bookstore. So the design of your book cover is hugely important. It is not only the visual translation of your book’s content, but also a powerful marketing tool that piques readers’ interest without them having yet read a single word. Think of it as an invitation to what can be discovered inside. On this page, you will discover which design programmes are suitable and we give practical tips to create a cover that appeals to your target audience. Whether you are experienced in design, or a novice author or designer, this information will help you design a book cover that captures hearts.

Design your book cover with these design tools

Not every design programme is suitable for creating a book cover. Fortunately, there is a wide choice of both paid and free design programmes you can use to submit a book cover design to us.

How do I design a cover in InDesign?

For experienced designers, Adobe InDesign is the most comprehensive book cover design programme. This programme works seamlessly with other Adobe products such as Photoshop and Illustrator. It allows you to create unique images and illustrations for your book cover.

Indesign does require some experience and is therefore less suitable for novice designers. It may take some time to understand what is possible with this design programme. For those up for the challenge, InDesign is a powerful tool for creating professional book covers.

Want to learn how to design a book cover with InDesign? There are plenty of videos, tutorials and online manuals available. With some practice and dedication, you will soon be able to design book covers that grab immediate attention.

How do I create a book cover with CorelDRAW?

Another popular design programme is CorelDRAW. Popular among professional designers, this programme offers numerous features for various design projects, including book cover design.

CorelDRAW is known for its intuitive interface and user-friendliness, making it accessible to beginners and experienced designers alike. Like InDesign, CorelDRAW is a paid programme, but an investment that pays off for creating quality designs.

Free book cover design programmes

Looking for a free design programme to design book covers? In that case, we recommend programmes such as Inkscape and Paint.NET.

Inkscape, like Adobe Illustrator, is a vector editor. With this programme, you can easily create illustrations, logos and diagrams. You can combine and edit images, shapes and various fonts to design beautiful book covers.

Paint.NET is a free image editing programme for Windows, similar to Adobe Photoshop. While it may be less comprehensive, Paint.NET still has an impressive set of image editing features. Perfect for cropping, retouching and applying filters, making it a handy tool for creating professional book covers without the cost of premium software.

Tips for designing a book cover

Here are some tips to get you started in designing your book cover:

Know your target group

Before you start designing your book cover, it is important to understand your target audience. What appeals to them? What visual elements and what styles attract their attention? Keep these aspects in mind so that your book stands out in bookstores.

Use contrast

One way to attract attention is to use contrast. Experiment with striking colours, fonts and images to make your book cover stand out.

Keep it simple

Often, the most effective book covers are simply designed. A clear and clean design holds readers’ attention longer than an overstuffed cover.


A good book cover tells a story in itself. Choose images and illustrations that reflect the theme of your book and pique readers’ curiosity.

Be consistent

Consistency is important in all designs, both for the interior and the book cover. It increases recognisability and reinforces the message.

Ask for feedback

  • Share your design with friends or colleagues and ask for their opinion. Listen to their input and adjust your design accordingly to ensure that the message you want to convey comes across.

Be inspired by trends in book design

Creating the perfect book design can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are countless trends you can follow for inspiration. Perhaps a minimalist style appeals? With clean lines and simple typography, the essence of your book is paramount. Or do you prefer intricate patterns and eye-catching fonts? Colourful book covers are also currently all the rage and will make your book stand out among the rest. Also don’t forget the charm of abstract or retro elements that add nostalgia to your design. Let your creativity run wild and don’t be afraid to experiment with different trends and styles. It is important that the book cover reflects your unique voice.

Need help with your book design?

Do you have questions about book cover design? Feel free to contact us. We are focused on making your new book a success. Our team is ready to support you every step of the way.

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