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If you want to sell your book, an ISBN number is not mandatory. If you want to sell your book through official channels such as a or the Centraal Boekhuis (CB) for example, it is required. An ISBN number ensures that you can be easily found by readers.

What is an ISBN number?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number and consists of 13 unique digits recognised worldwide. This number allows bookshops, libraries and online platforms to easily identify and find your book. Without this unique number, you cannot sell your book through official channels.

Why is an ISBN number so important?

An ISBN number has several advantages for the author. Here are some reasons why the ISBN is so important:

Unique identification

The ISBN provides each book with a unique identification number. This makes it easy to find specific books among the millions of publications worldwide.

Essential for distribution and sales

  • Booksellers, libraries and online retailers use the ISBN to identify and order books. Without an ISBN, books cannot be officially sold or distributed.

Internationally accepted

  • The ISBN is a globally recognised system. This allows books to be easily traded and borrowed across borders.

Access to libraries and catalogues

  • Libraries catalogue their collections based on the ISBN. By having an ISBN, you increase the chances of your book being included in library collections and online catalogues.

How do I apply for an ISBN number?

Applying for an ISBN number is simple and can be done through the website We would like to bring you up to date with all the details you need to apply for an ISBN number so that you are well prepared.

1. Create an account and log in
2. Request a loose ISBN number or a series
3. Fill in your basic details
4. Pass on stakeholders
5. Enter metadata (optional step)
6. Create barcode (optional step)

What is included in basic data?

The basic details for applying for the ISBN number are as follows:

What is included in metadata data?

Frequently asked questions about the ISBN number

The ISBN number has no expiry date. The number is unique and even if the book is no longer published, the ISBN number still applies.

An ISBN number is a number known worldwide for a specific book. The cost of an ISBN number can vary from country to country and sometimes even be free. In the Netherlands, an ISBN number is free for independent authors and small publishers. For larger publishers and depends on the number of issues requested and the type of publisher.

No, but it is required if you want to sell it through official channels such as online, through marketplaces or offline in bookstores.

Unfortunately, you cannot make changes after applying for an ISBN number.

If you applied for an ISBN number but never published the book, you can remove the book’s ISBN number and use it for a new publication.

You will need a new ISBN number with a new printing if something has changed in terms of content or if the publication has changed form or publisher. An unaltered printing is referred to as a new edition, which does not require a new ISBN number.

Yes, each format of your book (e.g. paperback, hardcover, e-book) requires a unique ISBN number. This also applies to different editions or translations of the same book.

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