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The final step of the publishing process is to sell the book. At Tipoprint, we understand the importance of this phase and support you from start to finish in publishing and promoting your work. Find out on this page how to best prepare for a successful book sale.

How do I choose a good distribution partner?

First, you decide where you want to sell your book. Do you want your book to be in bookstores, do you want to sell and stock it yourself or maybe you want to sell it online?

Placing your book in physical bookstores provides a direct physical presence that allows readers to discover and purchase your book in person. Contacting local bookstores or national chains to enquire about the possibilities of including your book in their range can be a valuable step. By having a presence in physical shops, you not only increase the visibility of your book, but also reach potential readers who may not be actively looking for books online.

On the other hand, selling your book online through platforms such as,, or even your own website offers global reach and convenience for potential buyers. By making your book available online, readers can easily find and buy it from the comfort of their own homes. Using different online sales channels can increase your sales opportunities and help you reach a wider audience

ISBN number

It is important that your book has an ISBN. Not only so that it can be ordered through the Central Book Office, but also so that people can find your book through Google.

Set the price of your book

Think carefully about what your book will cost. You obviously want people to be able to buy it, but you also want to earn from it. Therefore, look at how much money you have spent on production, distribution costs and possibly marketing costs. Next, it is smart to look at the pricing of similar books. Also keep your target audience in mind and consider how much they are willing to spend. You should also note that the Fixed Book Price Act applies in the Netherlands. This means that your book should sell for the same price everywhere. You must therefore also register the book with the Media Authority. Finally, you should take into account the so-called bookstore discount. This is a discount that publishers or distributors offer to bookshops when they buy books in bulk to encourage bookshops to stock the book. This discount can vary but is usually between 30% and 50%. It allows bookshops to earn a margin on book sales.

Marketing your book

You can draw attention to your book in several ways. The best choice depends on the type of book and what you want to invest in it.

Selling book through a press release

With a good press release and an informative website, you can attract attention and boost sales of your book. In the press release, put key information about your book, such as the title, author, release date and a brief synopsis. Also write why the book is special and include quotes from reviewers.

Send the press release to:

It is also useful to have a nice website with more information about the book. Add the following content to the website:

Selling a book through social media

Social media is also a good way to generate awareness for your book. If you have your own website for your book, you can refer the attention you get through social media to your website. Create an author page on Facebook or Instagram. Post regularly to increase the number of followers and your reach. Use hashtags to reach potential readers and engage with your followers. Respond to their posts and build engagement. You can also advertise via social media to reach your target audience faster. This helps to bring your book to the attention of more people and you can specifically target interests that suit your target audience.

Selling book through an email list

You can’t start building a customer base early enough. By starting early, you can collect valuable email addresses that you can use to send regular newsletters. The earlier you start collecting email addresses, the larger and more valuable your customer base will be. Use your website, social media and events to collect email addresses. Make sure your newsletters contain valuable and relevant information. This could be exclusive previews of your book, special offers or interesting blog posts. Offer new subscribers an extra benefit such as a free chapter of your book or other interesting content to make them want to sign up for the newsletter. Keep in regular contact with your subscribers, but don’t overload them with too many emails. Consistency helps build a relationship and maintain interest. Translated with (free version)

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You are now aware of the steps involved in the process of selling your book. Do you need further support in selling your book? Do not hesitate to contact with us. Tipoprint supports you throughout the process, from writing to selling your book.

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