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When you start publishing your book, it is important to understand how storage and distribution can affect the success of your book. We can also support you in this process. Find out how our support can help you distribute your book here.

What happens after the book is printed at Tipoprint?

How do I choose a good distribution partner?

A good distribution partner will make sure your book gets to the right place. Choosing the right distribution partner depends on what you need and who your readers are. Sometimes a bookstore is the best choice, but maybe you reach your target audience better online. Here we discuss a few things to look out for when choosing a good distribution partner. To better understand your own needs, ask yourself the following things:

Target market

Where is your target audience located? Is your book mainly aimed at the local market or do you also have international ambitions? Identifying your target market will help you choose a partner with the right regional expertise.

Sales channels

Where does your target audience usually buy books? Are they often found in physical bookstores, do they prefer to buy their books online or do they regularly pass through kiosks at railway stations? Understanding the buying behaviour of your target audience helps determine the most effective distribution channels.

Circulation and reprint

What is the planned print run of your book and how often do you expect to reprint it? Some distributors specialise in large runs and have the capacity for mass distribution, while others are better at marketing and managing smaller runs.

Examples of distribution partners

Book publishing via Centraal Boekhuis

The largest logistics partner in the book business is the Central Book Office (CB). CB offers comprehensive services such as storage, distribution and stock management. An affiliation with CB allows you to sell your book in major bookshops in the Netherlands and Belgium. This does not mean that it is automatically sold to the bookshops, but it does give them the opportunity to order it more easily. The disadvantage of selling through Centraal Boekhuis is that you have to give up a large part of the profit: 47%. This is due to the discounts they give to bookshops, known as the bookshop discount. Translated with (free version)

Book publishing via

If you choose to publish your book through, you will have the opportunity to reach a large audience in the Netherlands and Belgium, as they have a reach of more than 13 million users. You can easily upload, manage and sell your book on their platform. In addition, also offers marketing tools to make your book more visible on their website. However, please note that a fee is charged for this service. The amount of this fee depends on whether you choose to ship the book yourself or whether does this for you. If you choose to ship the book yourself, will charge a surcharge on top of the price of your book. If you choose to also store your stock at, there will be additional costs for storing your stock.

Book publishing through

Are you going to print a business book or have you printed a business book? Then is a good choice. They know better than anyone how to spotlight books for business professionals. As an author, you can join them after agreeing to their terms and conditions. Contact them for that.

Self-distribution - advantages and disadvantages

Of course, you can also choose to distribute your book yourself. This brings advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of self-distribution

Disadvantages of self-distribution

A combination of distributing your book yourself and through a good distribution partner may be the best option! Wondering how to sell your own book? Then take a look at book selling on our website.

Do you have any further questions?

Want to know more about distributing your book or have other questions? At Tipoprint, we are happy to support you throughout the writing process. Take contact our staff by phone Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00 or send us an e-mail.

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