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Text correction

Text correction corrects the spelling and grammar of your book.

Editing text

Editing consists of two parts: text correction and text editing. Text correction involves correcting spelling and grammar. Copy editing focuses on addressing inconsistencies and improving overall readability and coherence.

Let your book sit for a while after writing it and then pick it up again to edit. This break ensures that you can look at your work with fresh eyes. Of course, we can also help you at a professional level with text correction and copy editing. Please contact us for this.

What is editing?

You’ve probably heard of editing before, but you might not know exactly what it means. In short, editing is the careful checking and improvement of a text. The editing process involves several steps, including checking grammar and spelling, improving sentence structure, and editing content for clarity and coherence. On this page we would like to explain the various steps of the editing process to you in more detail.

Substantive revision

Here you focus on the content of the book. For example, look at the characters: are they well developed? It is also smart to check whether the order of the chapters is logical and whether there are any parts of text that you can delete because they are not really necessary. These steps can help ensure your story remains clear and engaging for your readers.

Text correction: Error correction and grammatical errors

You can then start correcting errors in the text. This involves addressing spelling errors, grammatical errors, punctuation errors and typographical errors. To more easily detect text errors, you can also use tools such as Grammarly. In addition, consistency in language use and style is examined to ensure a uniform reading experience.

Copy editing: Style improvements

This stage of editing your book is all about improving your writing style. You revise sentences and perhaps create a different structure so that it is easier to read. In addition, your tone of voice is examined to see whether it is consistent everywhere.

Copy editing: Structure and layout

The next stage of editing your book is all about refining your writing style. You revise sentences to make them smoother and clearer and adjust the structure to make the text easier to read. You also ensure that your tone of voice is consistent throughout the book. This means that the way you write and your unique voice remains the same throughout the book.

Feedback and evaluation

These are the points you will review while editing your book. After you have edited your book extensively yourself, it is wise to ask help from proofreaders. These can be people from your own environment, but it is even better to ask people who belong to the target group of your book. This way you get immediate feedback on how your book is being received by the intended readers.

You can also seek the help of a professional editor. An editor can look in depth at the structure, character development and plot development and provide valuable feedback. They have the expertise to take your book to the next level and ensure that you publish a professional book.

We can help you with text correction, text editing, or a combination of both. Curious about the possibilities? Please contact us!

Do you need further assistance?

As a publishing house, we are happy to assist you in every step of the publication process. Do you need further assistance? Don’t hesitate and contact our specialists. They can be reached by telephone every day between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. If you have a pressing question during the weekend, please feel free to send us an email.

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